Millésime 1990 - 27 years old

Single Family Estate
100 % Grande Champagne - Premier Cru de cognac

Elegant and taut, supple and bright; Frapin Millésime 1990 – 27 Years Old is a truly exceptional cognac. It is the result of a complex alchemy; a union of a unique terroir, knowledge passed from generation to generation and a passion for excellence. It embodies the Frapin style with its voluptuous aromatic richness and its infinitely long finish.
The 1990 vintage was an unusual year that has endowed Frapin Millésime 1990 with a unique personality. It comes entirely from Frapin’s Les Gabloteaux vineyard located within their 314 hectare domaine.
Frapin Millésime 1990 – 27 Years Old is the most recent addition to a collection created twenty years ago with the release of Frapin Millésime 1979. The long ageing of this vintage (27 years) has been done in our dry cellars, bringing finesse and elegance…


Millésime 1990 – 27 Years Old offers a bright, yellow-orange coloured with a warm glow. The nose has delicate floral aromas dominated by jasmine, with apricot, mango and orange nuances. Subtle woody notes underscore everything.


In the mouth it is powerful yet incredibly elegant and balanced. Apricot and fig notes are complemented with hints of liquorice and toasted nuts. The palate continues with a lingering rancio character which persists through to the finish.

“A true embodiment of the Frapin style.”
Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master


  • 2019 Cognac Masters – UK
    Master – Cognac Taste Master
  • 2019 ISW – DE
    Gold Medal

Made from the ugni blanc grape, the Millésime 1990 – 27 Years Old originates from Les Gabloteaux vineyard located on the western side of Domaine Frapin. The vineyard has the calcareous clay soils and friable limestone sub-soils typical of the Grande Champagne appellation.
In 1990 bud burst was followed by a hot and dry summer. All the conditions for grapes with good maturity were met. The harvest took place in early October producing healthy grapes with a potential alcohol approaching 10.3%. After distillation on lees, the resulting eaux de vie was fine and aromatic. It was placed in casks stored in dry cellars located in the attic.
The BNIC (Cognac’s regulatory authority) guarantees the authenticity of all Frapin single vintage cognacs. Each cask is sealed with wax and can only be opened under their supervision.

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