Millésime 1991 - 20 years old

Single Family Estate
100 % Grande Champagne - Premier Cru de cognac

This vintage 1991, produced solely from Ugni Blanc, comes from our vines located in the south-eastern part of our vineyard, characterized by a chalky and clay soil and a crumbly chalky subsoil typical of Grande Champagne region. The BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac) guarantees the authenticity of the Cognac Frapin vintages by carefully monitoring the sealed casks as they rest in our dry cellars for 20 years.

Forever connected to the spring frosts that eradicated much of the production of cognac, each bottle is stamped with the hallmark of rarity.

1991 couleur nez cognac Frapin


This treasure of Frapin offers a gorgeous orange colour.

The bouquet is very balanced and make up of refined fragrances of candied fruits (orange and apricot) and the fine notes of of honey and spicies. At the end are revealed light woody notes along with ‘rancio’ characteristics and wooden cigar boxes typical of Grande Champagne.


Finesse et elegance thanks to its ageing in our dry cellars.

Pronounced aromas of candied fruit (orange, apricot), light notes of honey and gingerbread. Exceptionally long finish, typical of Grande Champagne distilled over lees.

The Millésime 1991 speaks as much of the elegant patina of a “20 ans d’âge” as the unique ability of a cognac to magnify the intimacy of shared moments.

« By giving time to time by allowing it to breathe in the glass, this beautiful orange- coloured cognac will reveal its depth of aromas acquired from its 20 years of sleeping in oak barrels. »
Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master

1991 en bouche cognac frapin


  • 2016 Gilbert & Gaillard – FR
  • 2016 IWSC – UK
    Silver Outstanding
  • 2014 Cognac MASTERS – UK
  • 2013 International Spirits Challenge – UK
    Gold medal / Best XO of the year

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