San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2023 results !

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition allows a panel of experts to judge a selection of cognacs during 4 days of blind tastings. The most deserving spirits receive a medal according to their palate and nose, any other indication such as price or brand being forbidden. Cognac Frapin received two gold medals in this competition, distinctions awarded to the most exceptional cognacs.

Château Fontpinot XO wins a gold medal !

Our Château Fontpinot XO receives a gold medal, rewarding the citrus and honey aromas and the famous rancio of its distillation with lees, followed by a slow and patient ageing in dry cellars, which gives it the special character of one of the oldest reserves of the château.

This recognition highlights the true treasure of the House of FRAPIN, entirely harvested, distilled and aged on the family estate, this owner’s cognac benefits from the very rare Château appellation.

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XO VIP receives a gold medal !

XO VIP receives a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, rewarding the long ageing in humid cellars, in our 240 hectare vineyard in Grande Champagne exclusively.


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