Over the last few years, at Château Fontpinot, home of Frapin Cognac, we have served our cognacs with different types of food: meat, fish and shellfish, fruit & vegetables, cheese and desserts.

Each of our cognacs has its own aromatic profile, and finding the right balance between acidity, bitterness, sweet and salty is the key to pairing with food, and when done correctly can provide the most wonderful tasting experience.  The food should not overpower the cognac and vice versa.  To taste, take a sip the cognac, then try the food, and then another taste of the cognac.

Cognac Frapin VSOP

Put a bottle of VSOP cognac in the freezer.  The frozen cognac captures the aromas and seals in the sweetness.   Once on the table and as the cognac warms up, the subtle aromas are gradually revealed, one by one.

Try Cognac Frapin VSOP with:

– Duck a L’orange served with potatoes and artichoke hearts
– Foie gras, duck and orange paté
– Fresh salmon or lobster with a herb salad
– Smoked fish such as sea bass or mackerel with a creamy sauce
– Tomato based Gazpacho soup

Cognac Frapin - Château Fontpinot XO

Dark chocolate (try macaroons or a chocolate mouse) brings out the vanilla and woody flavours of the cognac.   The long aromatic finish of the cognac is enhanced with cheeses such as Mimolette, Parmesan, a ewe’s milk cheese or blue cheese.

Try Château Fontpinot XO with :

– Duck with a truffles infused sauce served with potato gratin
– Veal escalopes with grilled vegetables
– Red mullet and langoustines cooked with saffron and served with rice

Cognac Frapin XO VIP

Frapin cognac is, naturally, enjoyed on its own, but also, more unusually, appreciates the company of coffee or chocolate. Enjoy a glass of our XO VIP with coffee or chocolate.

Try Frapin XO VIP with:

– Tarte Tatin made With Apples, honey and lemon
– Cheese : Brillat-savarin with truffles
– Foie gras served with figs
– Duck breast drizzled with honey vinegar

Cognac Frapin Extra

The desert loving cognac.  The supple, smooth, rich, luxurious palate and the exceptional long finish of Frapin Extra is a perfect match with many desserts.

Try Cognac Frapin Extra with :

– Crème brûlée
– Banoffee pie
– Caramelised pears
– Tarte tatin with apples
–Homemade Tiramisu with the sponge base soaked in Frapin Extra
– Macaroon with a chocolate sorbet
– Chocolate fondant with caramel sauce
– Steamed chocolate pudding  with praline ice cream