Hail to François Rabelais after whom his rare cuvée is named.

This humanist and writer, whose work celebrates the love of life, is above all the ancestor of Pierre Frapin, the founder of the House.
This not only a reminder of the historical roots of Frapin cognacs, but also underlines the exceptional character of this cognac: a blend of remarkable eaux-de-vie, coming exclusively from our “Paradise cellar” and from our Dames-Jeannes containing venerable cognacs…

The precious elixir of the Rabelais Cuvée is distinguished by its elegant aromatic complexity.

With an amber colour with orange hues, this blend reveals a particularly delicate nose, with notes of orange and candied apricot and discreet woody aromas. On the palate, they melt into notes of dried fruit and liquorice, before revealing the complex aromas of the famous Charentais rancio, the scent tobacco and cigar boxes. Its exceptionally long finish completes the tasting of this limited edition.


Born from a ball of fire and the breath of man.

This unique decanter is the work of a prestigious French manufacturer: the Cristallerie Saint-Louis.
Thanks to a know-how passed through over more than four centuries of history, its master glassmakers and master cutters have patiently blown, cut and then hand-decorated it with 24-carat gold.


The Rabelais Cuvée decanter appears as a shimmering amber drop suspended in the light.

Its bold design and rounded base highlighted by subtle concentric layers magnify the golden reflections of an exceptional cognac while suggesting the work of time.

The neck of the precious bottle, sheathed in gold, is engraved with a vine branch, evoking the marvel of the Charente region. Placed on a base gilded with 24-carat gold, a goldsmith’s work, which is polished, assembled by hand with precision and whose lines echo the gentle curves of the precious bottle.

This decanter inspires a true tasting ritual. Simply remove its cut crystal cabochon to inhale the Cuvée Rabelais waltz of aromas. Each numbered decanter of the Cuvée Rabelais is set in a real case: a lacquered wooden box.


Like all Frapin cognacs, the Cuvée Rabelais comes exclusively from the Frapin estate:

240 hectares of vines (600 acres) located in the heart of Grande Champagne, the first of the six crus of the Cognac Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée. Benefiting from the best exposure and a clay-limestone soil that perfectly regulates humidity and temperature, this gentle hilly terroir produces the most prized eaux-de-vie. The Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (National Interprofessional Cognac Bureau) considers that these “are the finest, the most delicate, the clearest, the most aromatic, and those that improve the most with age.”

Frapin evolution of its eaux-de-vie in oak casks that are sometimes a hundred years old,

taking the necessary time, even several decades, for them to reveal all their complexity. This ageing process is coupled with monitoring the concentration of aromas. Thus, over the years, each cask is placed either in a dry cellar to underline the finesse and elegance of the eau-de-vie, or in a humid cellar to bring roundness and suppleness.

The Frapin “Paradise cellars” house an exceptional collection of rare eaux-de-vie, including those used in the blending of the Cuvée Rabelais.

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