Vintage 1995 - 25 YEARS OLD

Single Family Estate
100 % Grande Champagne - Premier Cru de cognac

Summer of 1995. The vineyard is basking a hot and dry season. Abundant and fleshy grapes promise a memorable harvest. Harvest joyfully begins late September. The vineyard keeps its promises. The grapes are healthy and the harvest, generous. During the vinification, the beautiful vitality of the fruit produces a juice with a marked acidity and a solid alcoholic strength. With a double distillation on lees, the brandy is fragrant, sealed with the aromatic seal of a prodigal year.


Flatters the eye, brilliant and silky, lit by orange hews.

This vintage opens delicately with an arpeggio of delicious notes: a zest of citrus fruits, the brightness of a tangerine. Then unfolds towards spicy fragrances of dried peach and gingerbread. A loose bouquet, a subtle symphony.


The 1995 vintage – 25 years old gives pride of place to the aromas of the orchard, fruit in full bloom which evolve on the palate towards fine vanilla and then delicately spicy notes. The warm nutmeg flavour balances the roundness of warm dried apricot. The finesse and balance go hand in hand until the lingering final note of rancio, long and characteristic of skilfully aged old cognacs.


  • Cognac Master – Best Vintage 2022 (UK).

At the Gabloteaux, more than anywhere else, nature had shown itself to be conciliatory. Under the control of the BNIC, the cognac was stored to age in a damp cellar (“Chai Millésimes”). This after much excitement and patience. Over time, charm works. The fire tempers its ardour to the benefit of warm and greedy notes. An assertive personality with strong roundness and suppleness. In humid cellars, about 2% of the precious treasure evaporates. The alcohol, mainly becomes angel’s share over twenty-five years in favour of the pleasure that the epicurean will experience when tasting a singular cognac, crafted with love and dexterity.


Our cellar Master, Patrice PIVETEAU, explains the process of this Vintage. Discover the terroir, the know-how associated with the Vintage 1995 …


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