Afternoon Tea

Crafted by Pamela Wiznitzer

Cognac Frapin video cocktail


Cognac Frapin 1270 / 1.5 oz
Dry Vermouth / .75 oz
1 barspoon Earl Grey Tea Syrup
3 dashes Orange Bitters


Combine ingredients and stir.
Strain either into a lowball glass with ice or a coupe and garnish with an orange peel twist. Add ice cubes.
Earl Grey Tea Syrup: boil and make an Earl Grey tea. When hot, combine equal parts of sugar and tea until sugar dissolves. Allow to sit and cool.


Enjoy this cocktail recipe with our Frapin 1270 cognac exclusively harvested, distilled and aged at the estate, in the heart of the Grande Champagne, 1st Cru of cognac.

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