1270 Berries Blazer

Crafted by Cocktail Circus


Cognac Frapin 1270 / 35 ml

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge / 25 ml

Freak Berries Liqueur or Chambord / 25 ml

Dark Agave syrup

2 star anises

Warm water / 25 ml




Heat gently all spirits, agave, and star anises. (It find easy to use a Turkish coffee pot), fire them up and give a stir to help the agave to dilute. Pay carefully in a glass filled-up with 25 ml / 30 ml of warm water.


Enjoy this cocktail recipe with our Frapin 1270 cognac exclusively harvested, distilled and aged at the estate, in the heart of the Grande Champagne, 1st Cru of cognac.

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