Crafted by Dimitri Aince, Les Justes, Paris


Cognac Frapin VSOP / 4 cl
Yuzu liqueur / 1 cl
Napoleon liqueur / 1 cl
Fresh grapefruit juice / 4 cl
Lemongrass cordial / 2 cl
2-3 dishes of rhubarb bitters
1 stick of cinnamon


Pour Cognac Frapin VSOP in a glass, then the Yuzu and Napoleon liqueurs.
Add grapefruit juice and lemongrass cordial.
Add 2-3 dishes of rhubarb bitters then stir.
Garnish with a charred, still glowing, stick of cinnamon.


Enjoy this cocktail recipe with our Frapin VSOP cognac exclusively harvested, distilled and aged at the estate, in the heart of the Grande Champagne, 1st Cru of cognac.

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