Results of the International Spirits Challenge 2023 !

For the 28th time, the International Spirits Challenge is holding blind tastings of spirits from all over the world. Based on a rigorous and independent evaluation process, the competition is recognised for its excellence. Cognac Frapin has once again been congratulated for its expertise with these gold medals.

Cognac of the Year 2023 and double gold medal for the 1990 30-year-old vintage !

The 1990 vintage, aged 30 years, was awarded Cognac of the Year 2023, and a double gold medal in this competition, highlighting its long ageing in dry cellars.

In 1990, a grape bursting with promise was harvested. Behind the walls of the Domaine, it was distilled on the lees, subjected to a double trial by fire and aged relentlessly until its soul was extracted. Then, under the supervision of the BNIC, the eau-de-vie, this pure gem, is entrusted to the secrecy of shadow and time, in the fragrant belly of three sealed casks.

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Cognac frapin named Producer of the Year 2023 !

Cognac Frapin has been named Producer of the Year 2023 at this year’s International Spirit Challenge. This title rewards the House’s centuries-old expertise and its 240-hectare vineyard in the heart of the Grande Champagne area.

XO VIP wins a gold medal !

XO VIP was awarded a gold medal at the International Spirit Challenge, in recognition of the long ageing process in a humid cellar in our 240-hectare vineyard exclusively in Grande Champagne.

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