Millésime 1989 - 30 years old

Single Family Estate
100 % Grande Champagne - Premier Cru de cognac

1989 was ruled by fires, temperamental yet favourable weather conditions and a bountiful summer. This vintage was produced solely from Ugni Blanc located in the western part of Frapin’s vineyards, characterized by a chalky and clay soil and a largely protected crumbly chalky subsoil typical of Grande Champagne region . The 1989 vintage was unusually aged in Frapin’s humid cellars, bringing softness and roundness. This is a first for a vintage. These rare cognacs, which require no blending, only intuition and skill, are traditionally made in the attics. Today, the haute couture collection of «Trésors du Château» is enriched by a unique cognac, which promises lovers of new emotions a wonderful tasting.


Clear and bright yellow colour, shimmery twinkles with
tawny hues.

The 30 years of aging in humid cellars set the tone. Fruity, delicate and chiselled notes. Orange pulp and candied zest dominate a wonderful bouquet of gingerbread, dried apricot and roasted apple. It is silky, of an astonishing purity, smooth and delicate.


Delicate background of light woody notes, aromas of cooked apricot, liquorice and candied fruit blossom. A combination of smoked aromas, cigar box, leather and rancio, complemented by a beautiful length. Seductive, elegant, the finish reveals its depth of aromas and beautiful harmony acquired from 30 years of ageing.

1989 was a very promising harvest. This vintage is idistilled on lees. The BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac) guarantees the
authenticity of this vintage by carefully monitoring the sealed casks as they rest in our cellars for 30 years.


«The first vintage aged in our humid cellars. A new pleasure to discover.»

Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master

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