Results Cognac Masters 2023 !

This year’s Cognac Masters took place in London and, once again, a wide range of cognacs were examined by experienced tasters. The judges scored each participant on appearance, nose and palate. They were captivated by the quality of the products tasted this year. The highest distinction was awarded to the cognac that scored 90% or more and one of our cognacs was awarded the honorary title of “Cognac of the Year”, out of the 110 participating cognacs.

Here are the magnificent results obtained by our cognacs…

Cognac of the year 2023 !

Our Cognac Frapin 1990 – 30 years old receives the double distinction of Cognac of the year 2023 and Vintage of the year 2023. Awarded in the “Vintage-Single Cru” category, it was tasted a second time by blind tasting, in competition with all the cognacs awarded in the different categories, in order to be finally named Best Cognac of the year 2023.

This mark rewards the citrus and honey aromas and the famous rancio of this 1990 vintage, harvested, distilled and aged for 30 years on our estate in the heart of the Grande Champagne region, 1er Cru of the appellation.

This recognition also pays tribute to its long ageing in our dry cellars, offering notes of dried fruit, candied fruit and exceptional length.


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Our Cigar Blend XO receives a gold medal !

Competing in the “XO – Single Cru” category, the Cigar Blend XO received a gold medal at this Cognac Master competition, rewarding the long ageing process in wet cellars, in our 240 hectare vineyard in Grande Champagne only.


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Awarded Best VSOP of the year 2023 !

The Frapin VSOP won the title of “Best VSOP of the Year 2023” in the “VSOP – Single Cru” category, highlighting its complexity, fruity aromas including orange and floral aromas such as dried flowers. Discreet vanilla notes are also present.


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Extra Frapin wins gold medal !

The Extra Cuvée is from the family’s ancestral reserve, nominated in the “XO – Ultra Prenium” category and awarded a gold medal at the Cognac Masters 2023. Exclusively harvested, distilled and aged at the Domaine. The Frapin Extra cognac has been aged in the dry cellars for several decades in barrels kept by Pierre FRAPIN and his descendants.
Aesthetic, carnal, the Extra is a Cognac for those who appreciate what is simply exceptional, beautiful and good.


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15 year old Frapin named Best Cognac in its category !

The “15 ans d’âge” is awarded the title of best cognac in its “XO Single Estate” category. The only XO Frapin to offer a blend of cognacs from both wet and dry cellars, it bridges the gap between these two worlds of slow maturation, obtaining from one its roundness and suppleness, and stealing from the other its finesse and elegance…

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