Single Family Estate
100 % Grande Champagne - Premier Cru de cognac

This blend, enhanced with very old cognacs of the family cellars, is harvested, distilled over lees and aged at the estate, whose 240 hectares are located in Grande Champagne. Its long ageing in our humid cellars combines roundness, bouquet and suppleness.


A cognac with rich bronze tones and a natural purity, Frapin XO VIP charms from the first glance.

Bouquet: pleasing floral notes and a beautiful aromatic complexity punctuated with subtle woody tones. An overall elegance typical of aged Cognacs from Grande Champagne.


After its delicate aromas, its power in the mouth comes as a surprise. XO VIP offers a palate of flavours, revealing in turn chocolate notes, dried fruit, candied fruit, and gingerbread. The expression is sophisticated and complex, with depth, but without ever losing the original freshness of the fruit. Composed with the precision of a sonnet, XO VIP is an ode to the passion behind its creation and flavour.

«This is a rich, complex and evolving cognac in which everyone will find their own aromatic references.»
Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master


  • 2023 ISC – UK
    Gold Medal
  • 2023 SFWSC – US
    Gold Medal
  • 2023 ISW – DE
    Gold Medal
  • 2022 Ultimate Spirits Challenge – USA
    94/100 “Great Value”
  • 2022 Cognac Master – UK
  • 2022 ISW – DE
    Gold Medal
  • 2020 Cognac Master Asia
    Gold Medal
  • 2020 Cognac Master – UK
    Gold Medal
  • 2017 World Cognac Awards – UK
    Gold Medal
  • 2016 IWSC – FR
    Gold Outstanding
  • 2016 Ultimate Spirits Challenge – USA
    93/100 Great Value
  • 2016 Cognac Master – UK
    Gold Medal

Cocktail VIP ONE

By Marcus Spohr, Ellington Bar, Düsseldorf


Cognac Frapin XO VIP / 4,5 cl
St Germain Elderflower Liqueur / 1 cl
Orange Curacao / 1,5 cl
Water / 2 cl
2 dashes Chocolate Bitter


Ice, mixing glass, Martini glass. In the mixing glass, first put the ice and then all the ingredients. Stir everything for a minute. Strain into the Martini glass with a cocktail strainer.


Frapin cognac is, naturally, enjoyed on its own, but also, more unusually, appreciates the company of coffee or chocolate.

Some examples :
– Tarte Tatin With Apples, honey and lemon
– Cheese : Brillat-savarin with truffles, marmalade of grapefruit
– Foie gras stuffed with fig, duck carpaccio
– Duck steack, foie gras with honey vinegar

Héritage de la maison

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