21 generations of wine growers and distillers

 A Vigneyard based in the heart of Grand Champagne – 1st Cru has been transmitted over the centuries . This  exeptionel terroir give to our Cognac all the quality of Grand Champagne  : richness, complexity and elegance of the aromas.

The centuries-old methods of the Cellar Master

which continue to produce exceptional cognacs year after year. From the mastery of the Vineyard  via an artisanal distillation  follow by the aging in the cellars, step by step The development of our cognacs will no longer have secrets for you.

Our guided tours

Discovery tour

price : 15€ per person
(free for children)
Duration : 1h

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Know-how tour

Price : 60€ per person
(free for children)
Duration : 1 1/2 h

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VIP tour

Price : 250€ per person
(free for children)
Duration : 2 1/2 h

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Tour open all year round :
Monday to Friday only by appointment from 9am to 6pm.

Visit in French or in English

Cognac Frapin,
1 rue Pierre Frapin,
16130 Segonzac.

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05 45 83 40 03