In February 2023, the competition for the Best Sommelier of the World will take place in Paris. This was an opportunity for the BNIC and Cognac Frapin to join forces to support this event and promote Cognac’s heritage to these international professionals.

Cognac Frapin was able to present 2 of these works, the Château Fontpinot XO and the Cognac Frapin 1270. These two cognacs, exclusively harvested, distilled and aged on the estate, highlight the combination of ancestral know-how and age-old methods perpetuated for centuries at Cognac Frapin.

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The competition was punctuated by several dinners on the theme of food and cognac pairing, presented to the participants of this competition, but also by an omnipresence in the Bar des Sommeliers. To deepen the knowledge of this experienced public, a masterclass on this internationally recognised French spirit was given.

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